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Our History

In the outskirts of Nemea, District of Korinthos, Peloponnese lies the small picturesque village ‘Leondio’ (Liondi), famous for its vast vineyards and the rich winemaking tradition of its people. Amidst these surroundings of unique, scenic, natural beauty, we, the Darsinos family, run and cultivate our own vineyards, with full respect to our long-lasting wine making tradition and produce one of the finest grape variety wine ‘Agiorgitiko’. Being firm believers in the idea that excellent wine can only be accompanied by excellent food, we have created Liondi Restaurant, at the foot of the historical hill of The Acropolis.

Authentic Greek Traditional Cuisine, pure ingredients, combined with knowledge, taste, and passion guarantee the inspired recipes that awaken one’s senses.

Traditional Greek moussaka
Baked pasta dish
Red wine bottle and two wine glasses
Dining with a view

Liondi is located on Makrigianni Pedestrian Street with a charming view of the glorious Acropolis!

Every visitor is special to us and this is the reason why we can promise extra-ordinary services, next to the new Acropolis Museum, together with the unique Leontiti Wine, produced by our family!

If you really like our wines, you can buy your favorite one and enjoy it with your loved ones at home!

Traditional Greek Cuisine

A few of our favorite dishes